Clash Of Clans Cheats, Tips And Tricks; Collect Gems And Elixir The Easiest Way Possible

Clash Of Clans Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Secrets: Clash Of Clans is a device game that usually takes up your time in building structures, training warriors, defending your village and attacking other villages.

Patience is a key in this game since waiting for building to be built, warriors to train and buildings to be upgraded will take your time.

Learn how to be patient and save your gems by not spending it to fast forward time.

To get gems: Clean up your area.

When removing, bushes, trees and stones could give you gems.

Again, when cleaning up your area will unlock achievements.

Achievements, meanwhile could give you gems as well.

“Nice and Tidy” is the achievement you can get when you clean up your field.

The more you clean, the more gems you get.

Last option is to buy the gems with real money.

If you don’t have any option and want to get more gems, using your credit card would give you corresponding number of gems.

When attacking, it will be easier and would save you more time and troops if you blow up walls instead of letting your warriors destroy it before entering the walled base.

Your troops would be gone in a flash if a village that you’re attacking would have a mortar.

When defending your village, as much as possible build all structures close to each other so that it would be compact and easier to defend.

As much as possible, scatter the cannons in a way that it would cover your entire compact village.

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