CL Is Featured In Lil Yachty’s New Song ‘Surrender To You’

CL Is Featured In Lil Yachty's New Song 'Surrender To You'

CL Is Featured In Lil Yachty's New Song 'Surrender To You'

CL is featured in Lil Yachty’s new track “Surrender” as part of Lil Yachty’s new album “Teenage Emotions. The song just came out and CL nailed her part with her soft charismatic voice. CL did really good in singing and with Lil Yachty’s great rapping, the combination is really good, AllKpop  reported. CL is now preparing for her US debut and this collaboration is a good start for her. Previously, she has released a single “Lifted” and it entered Billboard Hot 100 at #94. Even though it wasn’t her official debut in the U.S market, her song was well-received by people. It was her big achievement entering the chart since she announced her plan to debut in the U.S market, Billboard  reported.
Recently, CL talked about her dream to enter the U.S market and how she worked hard for that. When she did an interview with Ilgan Sports, she revealed that she had some hard times preparing her debut in the U.S since she did many things by herself, AllKpop reported. She also added that Yang Hyun Suk helped her a lot when she needed to adapt to many teams. In the interview, CL also revealed that it has been her dream to be a pop star in the U.S. She always dreams a big stage to perform and she works hard for that. CL is always grateful for Yang Hyun Suk to be a great help for her even though she doesn’t meet him often. CL has been preparing for her U.S debut for two years and soon their fans will see something new from her. She has done a great job leading the group 2NE1 into success and she is a queen in K-Pop industry. With her stable voice, good rap, and powerful dance, CL is ready to rock music industry in the U.S. Read Next: Hyoyeon Released Some Teaser Images For Her Upcoming Solo Comeback With ‘Wannabe’

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