Civilization: Beyond Earth Release Date Glitches? Gameplay Review & Mac Updates [NEWS]

The expanded tech web for Civilization: Beyond Earth has been considered to be a “major source of frustration” due to the way it is organized, We Got This Covered writes in a review of the game.

“The implementation of it is damn near perfect, but it can be incredibly frustrating to hone in on what exactly you’re looking for,” the website writes.

“During our review sessions, the search function seemed almost broken, and the best we could tell on a regular basis is that the tech we wanted was indeed somewhere on the tree, but damned if we knew where.

There were some early mods that helped this by recoloring certain elements to help distinguish between different abilities, but this seemed like something that should have been handled from the start.” Every copy of Civilization: Beyond Earth includes a hard-to-find free soundtrack that many fans are unaware of, but  Steam  has published steps for downloading it.

Civilization: Beyond Earth features “Diplomacy” tricks that allow gamers to improve their gameplay experience; favors, alliances, science trading and strategic resource trading are among these,  GameNGuide  reports.  Civilization: Beyond Earth is scheduled for an October 24 release date on Microsoft Windows–several reviews of the game have already made suggestions for improvements.

“While interesting in theory, the Quest system may need some tweaking.

Right now it railroads down a specific path a bit too much, and it’s too predictable,” PC World writes in a review of the game.


some elements of the game like technology research are more robust than in past games, others are barebones at best, particularly diplomacy.

There is no longer a diplomatic victory option – no United Nations equivalent in which to argue over trade embargoes or the ideological future of the planet,” Mashable writes in its own review.

Although most reviews of Civilization: Beyond Earth have been positive thus far, many fans are left wondering if the game’s developer will incorporate feedback from the Microsoft Window’s  release date for the Mac version.  However, Mac games developer Aspyr mentioned that the Mac and Linux versions of the game will “retain the same features and gameplay as the Windows PC version, while also offering cross-platform  multiplayer  via Steam,” according to Game Spot.  It is rumored that the game will be launched for the Mac and Linux systems by the end of the year.     

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