‘City Hunter 2’: Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye To Join Sequel? Here’s Everything We Know About It!

'City Hunter 2': Gong Yoo

'City Hunter 2': Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye To Join Sequel? Here's Everything We Know About It!

Now that Lee Min Ho is back to making dramas, his fans want to see more of their idol in all forms possible. While the actor has announced that he will be releasing his album “Always by Lee Minho” next month, rumors about the possible “City Hunter 2” just won’t seem to quit.  While many of the information remain unconfirmed about the 2001 action drama that helped solidify Lee Min Ho’s position as a top Korean actor, fans are still hoping that the buzz will be enough to generate a confirmation for the sequel. Six years after the idea was floated on the internet, fans remain hopeful that the series will return to answer the questions left behind by the original series. 
Lee Min Ho has expressed interest in doing a sequel. Now people, hold your horses. Lee Min Ho made the statement in 2011 a little after the time the original series ended. But still, the fact that he’s willing to play the role of Yoon Sung again provides a sliver of hope to supportive fans.  “I don’t know if there are any plans regarding a second season,” he said to News Yule . “But if there’s a chance to show new sides if the City Hunter, I will gladly participate.” Park Min Young out, Park Shin Hye In. Rumors are also rife that after the strong chemistry displayed by Lee Min Ho with Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs”, there are plans to continue the series with a new female lead, AsiaStarz reported.  Gong Yoo to join “City Hunter 2”. We’re not yet completely sold on this rumor because Gong Yoo’s management stated that the “Goblin” actor’s next project will be a movie instead of a series, but speculations are slowly gaining steam that he will be joining “City Hunter 2.” Should this happen, it may prove to be ratings gold for the network because Lee Min Ho’s “Legend of the Blue Sea” and Gong Yoo’s “Goblin” managed to achieve record breaking 20 percent ratings for their respective shows during their runs.  

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