Christmas 2015: Odd, Scary and Notable Traditions From All Over The World

Christmas 2015: Odd

Christmas 2015: Odd, Scary and Notable Traditions From All Over The World

Christmas traditions have been observed in many parts of the world for years. But while there are some customs that were still acceptable this 2015, there are also several that some people find odd.

As reported by Mashable , some notable traditions were just simple ordinary things made special because it was the Yuletide season.
In Venezuela, for example, people take on a different ride come Christmas morning to hear mass. While most countries commute or ride their cars, the people of Caracas uses skates to get to church. The said skaters also tug on strings tied by children on their bedroom windows that serve as manual alarm clocks.
Meanwhile, in Guatemala, cleanliness seemed to have been synonymous to the holidays. According to the report, it was a tradition in the country to sweep and rid their homes of dirt and trash. The garbage is then piled around an effigy of the devil that gets burned.
While there are simple, notable Christmas traditions that was still observed this 2015, there are also odd customs that are practiced.
In a report by AOL , citing some, it was mentioned that there are some odd traditions observed in Europe.
As told in the article, in Estonia, families loved going into the sauna all together. Gift-giving in Italy, meanwhile, doesn’t happen on Christmas but more than two weeks later. On Jan. 5, witches apparently deliver treats to kids. In Latvia, on the other hand, Christmas supposedly is like an extension of Halloween as mummies knock on doors to give people blessings.
While those who are nice are often promised a gift from Santa Claus as observed in Christmas traditions even before 2015, those who have been naughty apparently also get visitors according to The Upcoming UK .
In Austria, Germany and Hungary, there is apparently a “darked and horned” figure called Krampus that pay children who have been bad a visit come Christmas. While in Southeastern Europe, it is purportedly believed that a goblin known as Kallinkantzaros comes up during the holiday seasons to do tricks on people amid the merriment.

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