Christina Aguilera News: ‘The Voice’ Coach Calls Mariah Carey, Britney Spears ‘Oldies Act?’

Christina Aguilera News: 'The Voice' Coach Calls Mariah Carey

Christina Aguilera News: 'The Voice' Coach Calls Mariah Carey, Britney Spears 'Oldies Act?'

The latest news about Christina Aguilera is how allegedly catty she has been by dissing Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez regarding the Las Vegas residency.
According to multiple news reports, Planet Hollywood has sent an invited to “The Voice” judge to perform with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears to sign their greatest hits.

Previously, Christina Aguilera’s manager Irving Azoff told Pauly Shore in the podcast that “The Voice” judge is not going to do a Las Vegas residency yet as he hinted that it’s for has-beens, which is a dig at singers like Celine Dion and Britney Spears.
“No disrespect to Britney, or to Jennifer Lopez, who’s doing [a residency], and Shania [Twain], who did one, but Christina’s not peaked yet,” he said .
“[Christina’s] about to go back on The Voice, about to finish a record, about to do another guest shot on Nashville, and the record’s amazing . . . She’s never been happier and never done better,” the manager added.
But a source shared the news to National Enquirer, via Celebrity Dirty Laundry , that Christina Aguilera wasn’t quite miffed on her manager about the comment he made.
“Christina will have to do some damage control, but she is not mad at Irving,” the source said.
The insider went on to add, “She said, ‘I won a Grammy this year! Why would I go to Vegas and join Britney and Mariah in an oldies act? I don’t have to spend three nights a week reliving the past. I would get more fans doing a season of ‘The Voice!'”
Whether or not Planet Hollywood, or any other hotel in Las Vegas, will extend another invitation to Christina Aguilera following the diss is up in the air. Nevertheless, a residency is a very lucrative deal, one that earns Britney Spears allegedly $15 million per year, per news reports.

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