Chris Martin And Jennifer Lawrence: Coldplay Singer All Set To Introduce JLaw To His Kids Any Day Now!

Pictures of Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence holding a rose while boarding a flight to private jet back to LA after the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas and other pictures showing them together have confirmed what we thought was a load of ol’ nonsense.

Yes, this is actually happening people and its getting serious.

A news report claims that the 37-year-old Coldplay’s lead singer is all set to introduce Moses, 8 and Apple, 10, his two children to The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence any day now.

Just after two month’s dating, Chris Martin is willing to go a step further in his relationship with the beautiful actress, Jennifer Lawrence and introduce her to to his two children he has with his estranged wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

A source told Radar Online, “He sees this relationship going the distance.” His ex Gwyneth did not seem happy about the news though.

The source revealed, “Gwyneth was absolutely stunned when Chris told her he wants to introduce the kids to Jennifer.” The source also shared that before introducing her to the kids, Chris wants to ensure that he is right about Jennifer and that their relationship doesn’t lose its vivacity and enthusiasm eventually.

Smart guy! The report further claimed that Gwyneth is extremely shocked as Chris has moved on so quickly.

“This has been a huge blow to Gwyn’s ego because she has always bragged that she has Chris wrapped around her finger.” Gwyneth been unhappy about this is a bit surprising considering the fact that they “consciously uncoupled” and she even went ahead and announced the news on her blog.

Irrespective of Gwyneth’s doubts about Chris and Jennifer, the couple revealed that “[they] will put on a united front for the kids.” Do you think Chris should introduce her to the kids and will they last as a couple?

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