Chris Hemsworth Buys New $7M Byron Bay Retreat House For His Mansion Collection Following Recent Appearance In Byron Bay For Yoghurt

Known for his lavish spending for a family home, Chris Hemsworth, once again,  is reported to have bought a $7 million worth Byron Bay Balinese-style retreat named Kooeloah this week, News Ltd reports.

The acquisition of the property came a year later when the superhero star also bought $4,800,000 Malibu Mansion.

A few days ago, the 31-year old Avengers star is seen visiting Byron Bay when he passed by Yoflo for a tub of frozen yoghurt.

Another name for ‘home of the dolphins, Kooeloah is said to be very private as the road going to the property is not even named or listen yet, sources from the Property Observer said.

Also, the mansion boosts a superb overlooking view of the Seven Miles Beach with its lagoons and lap pools bordering the Malibu beautiful shoreline.

The 4.2 hectare property also houses three more villas, eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms near Broken Head.

Pictures of the property further show a very spacious interior with comfortable sitting room and television which lends a view of the Seven Miles Beach.

Northern Star cited a video posted in 2011 in Youtube describing how Kooeloah is a place where one can get utmost privacy and relaxation.

Out here privacy prevails.

But up here you can still rub shoulders with the who’s who of international business, the arts, and entertainment.

This is where comfort calls home.

What it lacks, you probably don’t want anyway.

Here you can drink filtered rain water the rest of the world would probably pay hundreds of dollars for if it came in a fancy bottle,” the narrator Michael Kollosche said.

The property is designed by local architect Christine Vadasz and built by Ian Heanes.

Years ago, it was built for Suinee Wong Lomas, a retired film and television producer, and Eric Lomas, the retired chief executive of Singapore’s The Yellow River Network.


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