‘Chick Chick’ By Wang Rong Rollin Takes Weird To A Whole New Level: Chinese C-Pop Sensation’s Viral Music Video Make Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’ Look Tame [VIDEO]

Move over Psy, Ylvis, and Rebecca Black, there’s a new contender for weirdest viral music video in town.

The music video for “Chick Chick” by Chinese artist Wang Rong Rollin must be seen to be believed.

It involves chickens in bikinis, mean in animal masks, women in bird suits, and a whole lot more in the weird-yet-mesmerizing department.

Check out the video below to have your mind blown.

The chicken-on-crack themed song filled with all sorts of cuckoos and clucks and its accompanying music video are equal parts hypnotic, disturbing, and hilarious.

As the A.V.

Club  brilliantly summarizes, “Wang Rong Rollin’s song, “Chick Chick,” is represented by a video that features women in bird suits line dancing, animated chickens in bikinis, Rollin’s dolled up with Lady Gaga-esque hair and sunglasses, and a driving beat that would be impressive on a Dance Dance Revolution  machine.

Oh, and men in various animal masks clad only in silver shorts, socks, and shoes.” Will Wang Rong Rollin’s “Chick Chick” be the next “The Fox” type of internet sensation? Can it even top Psy’s “Gangam Style”? ABC News  thinks that’s just what they were going for, writing “It’s as though Wang and her producers were deliberately setting out to make a viral hit and tried hard to splice together the lowest common denominators from Norwegian comedic duo Ylvis’ 2013 viral hit, “What Does the Fox Say,” and Korean pop sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” “Chick Chick” combines the animal sounds of “What Does the Fox Say” and a couple of dance moves clearly inspired by Psy’s lesser hit “Gentlemen,” while forgetting about any musicality.

The lyrics are clearly an afterthought.” Still, although it may lack in the originality department, the video definitely stands out because of its outright wackiness.

And so far, it seems as though viewers around the world are eating it up.

“At 5.4 million YouTube views and quickly climbing, ‘Chick Chick’ is destined for Internet domination.

The video’s description  labels it as a ‘divine comedy,’ and that it is meant to ‘subvert your knowledge of popular songs,’ the Huffington Post  reports.

What do you think about the chicken-themed C-Pop music video? Are you a fan? Do you think it has the chance to really blow up worldwide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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