Chicago Bulls News: Reigning Defensive Player Of The Year Hoping His Knee Will Not Be An Issue In Team’s NBA Finals Hopes

Since the start of the off-season, it’s all positive Chicago Bulls news for the upcoming NBA season.

For the first time in three years, Windy City again has a legitimate shot at the NBA title. 

Derrick Rose is coming back, and a number of scorers are bound to make Chicago one of the best offensive squads in the league for the 2014-15 season.  However, if there’s another player aside from Rose who will greatly affect this team’s chances of making it to the Finals, that guy would be Joakim Noah.  As the team’s defensive anchor, Noah excels in the rebounding department.

As a big man, it is rare to see a 7-footer race down the court to block someone’s shot or be the main guy to finish on a fastbreak.

He has been doing it for years as a Bull, and it has slowly taken its toll on his body.  During the first round loss to the Wizards last year, Noah was already suffering from an injury, and it didn’t take long before the injury affected the entire team.  This off-season Noah underewent an arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, and since then he has been in rehab.

Entering training camp, Noah expressed both his excitement for the upcoming season and his worries for his surgically repaired knee.

Obviously this is the first time I’ve ever had surgery on my knee so I’m hoping there’s no limitations,” Noah said in an interview on Monday.

“But I just have to be a little bit more cautious.

But it’s exciting, it’s really exciting.

I know that this is a long journey we’re about to embark (on) and I just want to be as ready as possible.” 

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