Charles Barkley: ‘Derrick Rose Comments Are Stupid!’ Did Former NBA Most Valuable Player Admit He Is ‘Soft?’ Fans Also Rant On Chicago Bulls’ Franchise Player!

The always outspoken Charles Barkley had strong opinions about former 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose because of his comments that he is more concerned about his future than playing his best for the Chicago Bulls.

The controversial comments courtesy of ESPN: “When I sit out it’s not because of this year.

I’m thinking about long term.

I’m thinking about after I’m done with basketball.

Having graduations to go to, having meetings to go to, I don’t want to be in my meetings all sore.

Or be at my son’s graduation all sore just because of something I did in the past.

(I’m) just learning and being smart.” It seems like he’s forgotten that he’s in the middle of $ 90 million contract to play basketball.

There have been doubts about his injury as he continues to rest entire games.

His honesty seems to have tarnished his reputation as Barkley says (from Inside the NBA, transcribed by NBC Sports): “He’s a great player and a great kid…but that was stupid.

We’re so blessed.

I limp around but I go home to a big ol’ mansion.

There are people that work harder than Derrick Rose that go home to a shack.

There are consequences for what we do for a living.

We’ve got the best life in the world.

I’m a poor black kid from Leeds, Alabama, who grew up in the projects and I don’t mind limping around [now].

When I go home, I have a big ol’ house.

I’ve got good sheets; I don’t know the thread count, but they’re good sheets.

I’ve got a big car and I never have to worry about bills.

Derrick Rose is making $20 million dollars a year and he’s got a couple of bad knees.

There are pros and cons of what we do for a living.” Let’s see the fans perspective.

From “borderline 1988” an opinion that agrees with Charles Barkley: “Couldn’t agree more.

Also, athletes don’t have a monopoly on jobs involving physical labor.

Professional movers also have serious back issues, but they don’t have the luxury of behaving like Derrick Rose because they don’t have guaranteed contracts.

Rose can take advantage of his guaranteed contract by not giving 100% and yet he still gets paid, on the back of one MVP season.

The mover, who attempts to behave like Rose (for like 1/1000 the wages, mind you) will get fired.

Trust me, Rose would reveal his true feelings about commitment to the sport if here were playing in the NFL where no contracts are guaranteed.” An athlete who does not give 100% being paid as he is seems unforgivable to those who put their lives at risk and still struggle to make ends meet.

What do you think of Rose’s comments?    

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