Channing Tatum Learned To Dance From His Girlfriends’ Moms! Talks Foxcatcher And Awkward Magic Mike Stripping Rehearsals

  It’s no secret that Channing Tatum is one smooth dancer.

The 34-year actor first stole hearts with his skills on the dance floor in the film “Step Up” and later put his moves to work in “Magic Mike” as a very talented stripper.

In this month’s issue of Esquire , which features Tatum on the cover, the star reveals where he learned how to dance.

And the answer just might surprise you. 

“I wanted to dance.

I just didn’t know anything.

Neither did the girls I was seeing.

But their moms did,” said Tatum.

“I figured out the fastest way for me to learn to dance was to grab up some abuela [grandmother] and get her moving on the porch.” Tatum revealed that a case of ADHD kept him from excelling in his studies at school, but he picked up many other skills through repetition.

“I learned to appreciate repetition,” said the actor, who trained in Martial Arts when he was young.

“That’s why I can dance.

It’s how I learned to act.

I have a high tolerance for repetition,” he explained, adding, “That never happened in school for me.

Not once.” Tatum also dished on preparing for “Magic Mike: XXL,” a sequel to the hit 2012 film on stripping, in which he starred.

The actor told Esquire that rehearsing those stripper moves with his co-stars on set can be a little awkward.

“There are a lot of apologies,” joked Tatum.

“A lot of ‘I’m sorry that ran into your chin’ and ‘Let me take my thigh off your neck.'” Tatum also discussed “Foxcatcher,” a recent release that is earning him a lot of critical acclaim.

In the film, Tatum plays real-life Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz.

In discussing the role, which calls for physical as well as emotional intensity, Tatum revealed that he trained with the actual man that he plays in the film.

“I’ll tell you the truth,” said Tatum.

“He’s even intense when he eats eggs.

He’s still scary to get on the mats with.

My third or fourth time wrestling, there I am with this technician of the sport, an all-time great, a really violent wrestler who can bend me in half pretty easily.

He did, too.

Crushed me.”    

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