Chace Crawford Beard Throws Off Rebecca Rittenhouse, 30th Birthday Inspires Maturity

Chace Crawford Beard Throws Off Rebecca Rittenhouse

Chace Crawford Beard Throws Off Rebecca Rittenhouse, 30th Birthday Inspires Maturity

Chace Crawford is growing a beard, probably inspired by the fact that he celebrated his 30th birthday recently. Let’s hope that Chace Crawford isn’t throwing off his most recent love interest Rebecca Rittenhouse with his uncustomary beard.

According to Elle , “Crawford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and discussed the reaction to his “controversial” choice.”
He joked that doesn’t “get mistaken for Megan Fox anymore.” To that, Chace added, “”No, no, but I’m adult now. I’ve grown up.”
While his beard is unusual for the pretty-faced “Gossip Girl” star, the fans had to admit that it was qutie becoming him!
After celebrating his 30th birthday, Chace Crawford may have decided to grow a beard to show the world that he is comfortable with aging as well as to gain some publicity for his new ABC show “Blood and Oil”.
In fact, Chace took this chance to reunite with his “Gossip Girl” bestie Ed Westwick. According to Entertainment Tonight , “ET caught up with Blood and Oil star Chace Crawford to chat about his highly anticipated return to TV and how it feels to reunite with his Gossip Girl co-star, Ed Westwick.”
Maybe Ed will help Chace hook up with his “Blood and Oil” co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse!
When asked about his real reason to return with a new show, the 30-year-old actor joked hard. He said, “I was broke. I was just down and out. No, to be honest, it was one of the best pilots I’d read ever, and definitely this year. It was just so different from what I did, you know? It’s so different from that whole world.”
Chace Crawford may be starting something romantic with Rebecca Rittenhouse. According to E! Online, “speculation is brewing that things may be turning romantic between him and a certain co-star. Over the Labor Day weekend, the Gossip Girl alum was spotted celebrating the holiday with Rebecca Rittenhouse.”
Do you think Ed Westwick will be a good wingman for Chace Crawford? Let me know in the comments below!

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