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“Haeundae Lovers” Kang Min Kyung Shows off Pretty Office Look

KBS Mon/Tues Drama ” Haeundae Lovers ” actress Kang Min Kyung (character Hwang Joo Hee) is showing off a very unique sense of fashion. “Haeundae Lovers” centers around an elite prosecutor Lee Tae Sung (played by Kim Kang Woo) and a strong and fierce Ko So Ra (played by Cho Yeo Jung) and their episodes as they fall in love.  Hwang Joo Hee is the secretary to Haeundae Hotel VP Choi Jun Hyuk (played by Jung Suk Won) and accordingly, Kang Min Kyung’s fashion is drawing the attention of viewers.  In the drama, she is a cute villainess and like a secretary, she’s always presentable with a clean suit skirt styling but she never forgot to make sure she added a bit of flair here and there with colored and vivid shirts. She showed off her fame as a fashionista in the role. Added to this, she has flawless skin and a perfectly proportionate body, which has the female audience clamoring for her look, and they can only dream of acquiring the “wannabe office look.” Internet users commented on the photo with very positive remarks like, “Kang Min Kyung is known to be a fashionista and this is no exception!”

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Wonder Girls Yeeun Reveals, “I Want to Give Park Ji Min One of My Songs”

Wonder Girls Yeeun shows off her passion as a musician.  Yeeun has maintained a fresh, bright, youthful image. Recently, though, on the style magazine, ‘Singles,’ her photoshoot shows her wilder side. During her interview, she shared her story, not as another idol member, but, as a musician. The Wonder Girls album has featured some of Yeeun’s own written songs. She further expressed, “I also want one of my songs to be on recent SBS ‘ K-pop Star ‘ finalist Park Ji Min ‘s new album.” Her love for music was on display. In this interview Yeeun also sharded about her earlier years living with member Yubin . In the photoshoot, Yeeun’s established perfect girl image is replaced by a chic and tough image. Her revealing clothes and unique poses further bolster her strong and radically different image. 

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