‘Castle’ Season 7 Spoilers: Cast Nathan Fillion Teases Rick ‘Exactly Where He Would Like To Be;’ Lanie Lends Hand To Kate

“Castle” season 7 spoilers reveal that Rick is exactly where he likes to be, as cast Nathan Fillion said.

Meanwhile, Lanie will lend a hand to Kate to track down her would-be husband.

“I think we will find that Castle is exactly where he would like to be,” Nathan Fillion said when asked by Entertainment Weekly  to spill “Castle” season 7 spoilers.

“Castle has a particular kind of quality of life and he lives his life in a particular way.

He doesn’t make the greatest decisions all the time, but he does try to live his life without regret and I don’t think that’s even a conscious decision, I think that’s just something he just kind of does.”

He said this optimistic nature will serve Rick Castle well as he deals with this new challenge.

That’s the reason why there’s still going to be a wedding in the future, as Nathan Fillion said that Castle “wears his joy on his sleeve, and he is okay putting himself out there.” “He’s been married twice already.

It’s not like he’s gun shy.

I think Castle is a man who loves life and he loves people and think that is something that will never fundamentally change about him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tamala Jones dished more “Castle” season 7 spoilers to   TV Fanatic  as she said that Dr.

Lanie Parish will be there for Kate Beckett.

“She is so there for Kate.

That’s her girl.

They are best friends and she is there trying to help Kate figure out what has happened,” she said.

“Why this has happened and is there something Castle’s not saying.

So she is definitely there.” Tamala Jones also said that she’s very excited how things will turned out as she revealed that she’s a “Castle” fan first and foremost, before being a member of the cast.

“I cannot wait to see how this is going to end up.

I was very excited and I have been waiting impatiently just like everyone else to see the season opening.

I was excited, like beyond,” she said.

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