Caroline Wozniacki Flirts With JJ Watt, Forgets About Ryan Kerrigan And Rory McIlroy Relationship? Swimsuit Model Checks Out Boyfriend Material

Caroline Wozniacki Flirts With JJ Watt
Caroline Wozniacki Flirts With JJ Watt

Caroline Wozniacki flirted up a storm with JJ Watt at an Indianapolis basketball game.

Looks like her Rory McIlroy relationship and Ryan Kerrigan fling is far behind this Danish tennis player.

Ever since calling off her wedding with Rory McIlroy, the world number five has been scouting for boyfriend material.

For a woman as talented and beautiful as Caro, there doesn’t seem to be a dearth of bachelors!

Washington Post, in a recent article, insinuated that Caroline Wozniacki and JJ Watt may be an item now.

“Perhaps she and Watt are just seated near each other? Or they’re just friends? Or maybe, just maybe, Wisconsin’s most beloved couple of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn has some competition now.” If Ryan Kerrigan is still interested in her, he better make his moves quickly! Caroline Wozniacki is still continuing to succeed after her horrendous breakup from Rory McIlroy.

He has not been able to pick up his game in 2015, which means that the Danish player has had plenty of chances to rub her success in his face.

While her ex boyfriend Rory McIlroy has been faltering in the beginning of this year, Caroline Wozniacki has been able to keep up with her career.

She also had time to develop her girl relationship with Serena Williams, who is also currently performing at her best.

Despite her injuries and dramas relating to her hitting partner, the world number 1 has been thankful of Caroline Wozniacki’s support.

While the world number five didn’t fare so well at Miami Open, her performance was enough to sustain her top five ranking.

Who do you think will end up with Caro? Ryan Kerrigan or JJ Watt? Let me know in the comments below!

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