‘Captain Marvel’ Movie Cast Rumors: Emily Blunt Confirmed? ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Star Wants To ‘Call Marvel Right Now!’

Emily Blunt has emerged as one of the top actresses after “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise.

She is now very ripe for a super hero role-something that has been offered to her before.

Is “Captain Marvel” a big enough role for the English damsel?

For superhero movie enthusiasts, they recall that Emily Blunt is a tough nut to crack.

She seems so right for to be in a comic book movie and that was displayed in full glory with “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Looper” among others.

Cinema Blend recalls the details on Blunt’s failed flirtation with Marvel: “All the way back in 2009 there were talks that said Blunt was in negotiations for the role of Natasha Romanoff a.k.a.

Black Widow in Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man 2.’ Unfortunately, the actress was locked into a contract with 20th Century Fox at the time, which meant that she had to go make Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black and would be unavailable for the ‘Iron Man 2’ production period.” That seems like a long time ago, and now Marvel has a full solo feature film for a female character: Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel-and Emily Blunt is one of the candidates: “I know.

Someone told me this morning, my brother, actually.

They call it fan casting? Which is lovely.

It’s my favorite kind of casting! I wish it was always like that.” She seems to be agreeable to the possibility.

On being informed that fan casting sometimes works)Which would be cool.” Marvel runs after the hottest and most current stars.

That usually works for them.

Emily Blunt is probably the most qualified to play a super heroine among all the other candidates.

Will Blunt finally give in to Marvel’s overtures? Maybe if they’re willing to think out of the box: “‘Captain Musical Marvel.’ Let’s just call Marvel about that right now.

We’ll call Kevin Feige about that.

‘Kevin Feige, we have one hell of an idea.’ Yeah.” Of course, it’s a joke but seriously: “I think, it’s always for me, it’s always about-and now, more so-what am I putting out there? What would be interesting for me and what would be interesting for people to see.

So, if it’s an awesome part, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Marvel movie or a tiny movie, I’d be up for it.” Does that sound like a “yes?” It works for me..how about you?    

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