Can Ridley Scott Make ‘Exodus: Gods And Kings’ A Box Office Smash Rivaling ‘Passion Of The Christ’? ‘The Martian’ Director Tries To Place Self In The Mind Of Moses Despite Atheist Beliefs

After “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” continues it’s reign through Thanksgiving weekend, the next biggest studio release expected to crash through the domestic box office is “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” But since the movie is directed by Ridley Scott, a self-proclaimed Atheist, perhaps the movie won’t be the Moses story that the religious are used to.

Box office analysts have begun to make their forecasts for “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and some projections believe the biblical epic will be bolstered by the same religious audience that garnered “Passion of the Christ” $83 million in its opening weekend.

Perhaps contrary to his own beliefs, director Ridley Scott can provide a more universal vision of the Moses story, and ultimately appeal to an even wider audience than Mel Gibson’s movie did.

Recently Ridley Scott sat down with Variety to talk about how he approached “Exodus: Gods and Kings” despite his personal beliefs .

“I always try to place myself in the position of the central character, and try to come at it from my own logic.

Once I accept that, how do I proceed, with the greatest respect to the story?” he explained.

“It’s so easy to (give the finger) to religions, and we’ve kind of got to stop that.

If you believe, you believe; if you’re faithful, you’re faithful.

I don’t care what your religion is.

The same if you’re agnostic.

That should be accepted too.” Since Scott was previously nominated three times for the Best Director Oscar, perhaps there’s more stakes on the film to be critically acclaimed than perform well in the box office.

Nevertheless, Box Office Pro predicts that the opening weekend “Exodus: Gods and Kings” will take in a solid $32 million.

This is significantly lower than “Passion of the Christ’s” opening weekend, but it should be noted that most analyses did not predict that film to perform as well as it did.

Regardless of how Ridley Scott’s new take on Moses performs, the director clearly has no intention of slowing down.

With several projects in the works, including “The Martian” and “Prometheus 2,” it’s clear that no matter what his personal beliefs, studios still believe in Scott’s ability to draw a crowd.

“Exodus: Gods and Kings” hits theaters December 12.


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