‘Cabaret’ Broadway Star Emma Stone Gives The Middle Finger To Paparazzi While Out With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield [PHOTOS]

Emma Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield really don’t like the paparazzi.

They were the ones to first start the trend of holding signs to the paparazzi to direct their attention to charities rather than celebrities walking down the street.

“Cabaret” Broadway star Emma Stone was recently photographed giving the middle finger to paparazzi in NYC after a lunch date with boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Check out the photos below!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted holding hands in NYC’s West Village on Monday after enjoying a lunch date.

You can tell from Emma’s expression that she isn’t happy to see paparazzi photographing her while she’s hanging out with her boyfriend.

You can’t really tell what Andrew is thinking through all that facial hair.

In the following photos, Emma pulls her coat closed – with a very evident middle finger lingering on the hem.

Then she continues to walk down the street with her hand in her pocket with her middle finger poking out .

Very sneaky, Emma, very sneaky.

  We have a feeling we know who she’s directing the bird to – as we previously reported, the “Cabaret” star is no fan of the paps.

Check out six photos of Emma and Andy using creative ways to hide from the paparazzi here.

These two are perfect for each other: Andrew is equally as repulsed by the paparazzi.

Andrew Garfield told E! News:  “I understand why people are interested in the personal lives of people who are in public more than those that aren’t.

I do understand that.

I have a deep understanding of that.

Just for me, it’s not something that I…I don’t want it in my life, so I do everything I can to deflect it and say no to it, because I think people forget that, ‘Oh, this is my life, and this is your life, and that’s your life.'” Emma had her Broadway debut on November 11, after taking over for Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles in “Cabaret.” Emma Stone was originally tapped for the role, but had to withdraw “due to scheduling conflicts,” ABC News reports.

Emma Stone, 25, and Andrew Garfield, 31, have been dating since 2011.

They currently live together in NYC.

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