Bullying Done By One Of ‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s Contestants As Reported By His Friend On Facebook

Bullying Done By One Of 'Produce 101' Season 2's Contestants As Reported By His Friend On Facebook

Bullying Done By One Of 'Produce 101' Season 2's Contestants As Reported By His Friend On Facebook

It seems that bullying still revolve around some idols in K-Pop. This time, it comes from one of contestants of “Produce 101” Season 2. It was reported that Han Jeong Yeon was a bully during an elementary and middle school. According to AllKpop , the post online on Facebook to be said one of Han Jeong Yeon’s friend stated that he and his friends often bullied him and others to masturbate in front of other classmates, make him skip lunch, force him to fight with his friend and stuffed him in supply closet. The person also said to message him if any wanted to ask. Also he added that any threat to him would be taken to legal measures.
The post has gone viral but there is no official statement yet from Han Jeong Yeon. Regarding this, Mnet said that they were still checking the truth. Bully is not a new thing in Korea. Bullying is not a new thing in South Korea. There have been many victims of bullying and even some were dead due to extreme bullying. According to CNN , there were two teenage students suicide cases for couldn’t take bullying any longer. Park Han Wool, one of the students, said that he was bullied for 6 years and his parents didn’t take it seriously when he told the truth. He ended up trying to jump from a building in front o fhis teachers but luckily he was saved by a police. According to a specialist in South Korea, the bullying happened due to the fierce competition in studying and that parents didn’t really think of the moral of their children and only focused on academic result. Thus, the bullying happened over and over again. It seems that South Korea needs to improve their education system, along with lay to protect the victims. It needs a way for the victim to be saved from bullying as they deserve better treatment. Regarding an idol doing bullying in “Produce 101” Season 2, Mnet is asked for their official answer soon. Read Next: Jang Dong Gun And Kim Myung Min For The New Still Cut For ‘V.I.P’ Movie

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