BTS Shows Comedic Swag In Self-Produced ‘Spine Breaker’ MV

BTS Shows Comedic Swag In Self-Produced 'Spine Breaker' MV

BTS Shows Comedic Swag In Self-Produced 'Spine Breaker' MV

As if they’re not busy enough with their concert series, promotions , and recordings, BTS is even thinking of their fans whenever they’re taking a break. During their downtime for their concert in Chile, they boys pooled their ideas to make an official MV for the fan favorite track “Spine Breaker.” According to a report by All Kpop , BTS premiered their MV on their reality show “BTS Gayo” where they also shared insights on how they came out with the idea for the music video. The boys, who shot the video with a regular camera basically goofed around and played with the concept of the lyrics to come up with one funny yet swag-worthy MV.
Based on the MV, the video was directed by BTS leader Rap Monster, with assistant director JHope close at hand. Jin took charge of the dance choreography while maknae Jungkook took charge of the camera. Jimin, whose recent monicker has been BTS’ “fan recruiting fairy” was credited for Zim Ggoon or the smile and luggage ambassador, while V was listed down as the mental career. Suga was labeled the Bab Cha or the snack bearer. The “Spine Breaker” video mainly consisted of clips of the boys as they paraded around in over the top glitzy jackets and old school shades as they walked around the corridors of their hotel room or lied in bed while bobbing their head to the music. A lot of positive comments came from BTS ARMY who enjoyed the video because it was funny and showed a side to the boys that they didn’t take themselves too seriously despite the superstardom. Fans also praised them for their creativity and teamwork in coming up with the video without the help of a professional crew Meanwhile, BTS is set to fly to Las Vegas to attend the Billboard Music Awards on May 21. BTS was nominated for the category of Top Social Artist along with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes. The boys were also the only Korean act to be nominated to the prestigious music awards ceremony, Kpopstarz  reported.

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