BTS Sets New Record With ‘Spring Day’, Reaches 10 Million Views In One Day

BTS Sets New Record With 'Spring Day'

BTS Sets New Record With 'Spring Day', Reaches 10 Million Views In One Day

The new music video of BTS has just been released. However, despite its still very young internet age, it has already broke serious records. That comes to no surprise as BTS obviously has the fans and following needed to make them a true phenomenal happening. Since their successful debut in 2013, BTS still remains as one of the hottest and most popular KPop bands of today’s generation. All of this is thanks to the group’s talent in performing and choreographing their energetic performances. “Blood Sweat & Tears” proves that they have the power to shatter tons of records in the KPop industry.

However, they’re not just limited to that, as their newest “Spring Day” music video might also do it as well. The recently released music video for “Spring Day”, jas just set a record being one of the fastest KPop videos in YouTube that reached a staggering 10 million views. According to Officially K Music , the music video was just uploaded last Feb. 13 in YouTube by Big Hit, and since then, it had already reached a surprising 14 million views, up until this moment of writing. Note that the group’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” have had a whopping 6 million views in just one single day. Before, the Korean girl group, TWICE’s TT, was the one who held the record, having 10 million views in just a single day. According to Tripped Media , BTS is again planning to release a new music video by Feb. 20. The music video will most likely be made for the “Not Today” song, which is included in the “You Never Walk Alone”. It is also important to know that the teaser for “Not Today” was released last Feb. 10. Currently, it has had 3.9 million views. With all of these being said, BTS sure has a long way to go. With their innate talent in performing, they will surely rake in tons of records.

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