BTS Reveals New ‘Not Today’ Music Video, Shows Other Side Of Group

BTS Reveals New 'Not Today' Music Video

BTS Reveals New 'Not Today' Music Video, Shows Other Side Of Group

BTS has just recently released “Spring Day”, showing the emotional and sentimental side of their music. However, the boy band wants to change things up a little bit, as they just released their newest music video for their new song, “Not Today”. The music video shows the other side of the group as it features a more energetic and vibrant tune to it. “Not Today” will surely be a game changer for the group, as it will take on the other side of the industry, showing that the group can take on variations of genres.
The video features a lot of dance moves that matches perfectly with the pounding rhythm of the song. The stomping choreography also goes with it perfectly. According to Billboard , the music video shows a crowd that is clad in black. It is somehow ninja-inspired. As the video progresses, the dancers threw off their garment as a sign of protest. They then organized themselves in a military style formation. The BTS members are then shown to be chased and shot by the people at theirback. According to K Style News , the music video for “Not Today” has had over 5 million views in just half a day. It had surely surpassed the expectations of the group. Just last year, BTS was hailed as the best selling and highest ranking KPop group that have appeared in Billboard 200, thanks to “Wings”. It had also managed to stay on the World Albums chart for 18 weeks. With all of these being said, BTS surely has a long way to go. They just need to continue giving their one hundred and one percent. Let’s just hope that the boy band will continue to uphold their values for quality music, while showing that dancing and singing energetic songs is the way it should be.

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