BTS’ Rap Monster, Wale Collaboration Is Happening!

BTS’ Rap Monster

BTS’ Rap Monster, Wale Collaboration Is Happening!

The rumor about BTS’ Rap Monster collaboration with world’s phenomenal rapper, Wale, has been circling around since last year. Now, fans need to get ready for that because this year’s anticipated collaboration may actually happen. The good news was delivered by Wale himself when he expressed his wish to collaborate with the BTS member. A lot of fans have been wondering when this collaboration is going to take place. One of the ARMYs even took it to Twitter and asked Wale if the collaboration may eventually happen this year. Wale responded by tweeting: “I’ll be with the bros in a few weeks,” as cited by Allkpop . So, it’s only a matter of time until BTS breaks another record on YouTube.
Previously, Wale has targeted BTS’ Rap Monster for potential collaboration. According to SBS , back in November, a fan tweeted Rap Monster’s cover of Wale’s hit and tagged it to the rapper. The American rapper didn’t reply anything else except one word: “Collab??!” Wale’s response clearly got ARMYs around the world excited. Even though it seemed like a little bit of wishful thinking at first, Wale actually meant his word to work with the BTS member and began to follow him on Twitter. On December, Wale released a track “Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)” on his SoundCloud. Fans quickly noticed that Wale mentioned BTS in the lyrics in which he sang: foreign future from South Korea, we about to see it. This year is going to be a good year for BTS. The boys are ready to hit several countries in the upcoming months. BTS will begin their tours to Hong Kong, South East Asia, and Australia in April and May. So far there are 8 concerts spread through the cities of Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta. Besides the aforementioned cities, BTS will still add other cities to their Asia tour. So, for ARMYs, brace yourself because BTS may come to your cities soon!

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