BTS News & Updates: BTS Accused Of Faking Records To Generate More Hype

BTS News & Updates:  BTS Accused Of Faking Records To Generate More Hype

BTS News & Updates:  BTS Accused Of Faking Records To Generate More Hype

After dealing with accusations of plagiarizing the “No Signal” concept of BIG BANG’s T.O.P for their Gaon Chart Awards performance, BTS is again plagued with accusations that they are “faking” records to generate more hype for their new material. Representatives from BTS have yet to counter the allegations but the boys seem to be taking the news in stride as they proceed with their “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour.” According to an analysis of Digital Music News , the hype surrounding the records achieved by the Bangtan Boys or BTS this year alone has been the result of media outfits jumping in the bandwagon rather than actual facts. It can be recalled that among the impressive records reached by the group in the first two months of 2017 are fastest times to reach 20 million views for “Spring Day” and most number of views for “Not Today” in 24 hours.
The BTS’ loyal ARMY also made sure to propel BTS’ songs to the top of record charts both locally and internationally. However, based on the analysis made by the publication, these records should actually belong to PSY who shot to fame because of his megahit “Gangnam Style.” While the BTS record was impressive, DMN maintained that “Gangnam Style” reached the 12 million marker in less than 24 hours and reached 1 billion views in only four days. In a recent Idolator  interview with BTS leader Rap Monster, he said that the boys don’t really look at the records or the sales as a marker of their success. He said that they continue to work hard because of the support of their fans from all over the world. He said that group members continue to push harder to grow as artists and performers as a way to thank their supporters. “It’s such an honor to be rated ‘popular’ on global level. We’re very grateful to our fans around the world,” he said. “It is also very exciting for us because such popularity motivates us to be better artists who always try to come up with better music.” After kicking off their “The Wings Tour; BTS Live Trilogy Episode III” in Seoul, BTS will be performing to sold out crowds in Chile and Brazil. From March 23 to April 2, the boys will be in the US for the Newark and Anahaim legs of their tour and will return to Asia to perform in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia before they make a last stop in Australia.  

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