BTS Members Showed Great Skill Playing Bowling On ‘Naver V’

BTS Members Showed Great Skill Playing Bowling On 'Naver V'

BTS Members Showed Great Skill Playing Bowling On 'Naver V'

Another headline comes from BTS. After the recent popularity on Twitter for the Billboard Music Awards, the boys wowed everyone with their great skills in bowling. BTS just presented “Run BTS! 2017- Episode 19” on “Naver V” Live Broadcast on May 2. The boys decided to play bowling together. The members were divided into two teams. The first team consisted of Rap Monster, Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope. Meanwhile, the second team consisted of Jin, Jungkook, and V. During the game, Jungkook caught the attention for his nice skill despite playing for the first time. At the end, Team 1 won the game and team 2 had to get the punishment. They got hit by the winning team. The boys then wrapped the broadcast with their greeting, saying that the game was really fun, AllKpop  reported.
The boys really nailed the live broadcast on “Naver V” with their charms and skills. Meanwhile, BTS just got nominated for Top Social Artist on Billboard Music Awards . The boys and their agency’s CEO have asked ARMYs around the world to give their full support so that they can win the award. Right now, BTS’ record in Billboard top 50 music charts has surpassed One Direction, Rihanna, and even Miley Cyrus. Their 22-week record yet is still far from Justin Bieber’s record with his 161 weeks. Meanwhile, they were just a few weeks left from Taylor Swift’s record with her 28 weeks, Kpopstarz  reported. Recently, the hashtag of BTS for the Billboard Music Awards #BTSBBMAs got the #1 trending on Twitter. The hashtag got tweeted 8 million times, Korea Portal  reported. Meanwhile, their competitor, Justin Bieber only got 400,000 tweets from the Beliebers. With the continuing support from ARMYs, BTS hope to win the award. The boys also keep showing their charms and skill in many shows and live broadcast in order to get closer to the fans. For fans who want to know the result, they can see the award event live on May 21. Read Next: WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon Said That He Got Rolls Royce From GD; Netizens Questioned The Truth      

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