BTS Jungkook Impresses Charlie Puth With Epic Cover Of ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

BTS Jungkook Impresses Charlie Puth With Epic Cover Of 'We Don't Talk Anymore'

BTS Jungkook Impresses Charlie Puth With Epic Cover Of 'We Don't Talk Anymore'

Charlie Puth knows a quality artist when he hears one and there was no doubt that the young singer/songwriter was impressed by BTS Jungkook’s cover of his popular hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. Puth even took the time to tweet about it.  According to a report by SBS Pop Asia , the BTS member has long been teasing a cover of Puth’s ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore” which fans have been long waiting for. However, the boys became busy promoting their new tracks “Not Today” and “Spring Day” that Jungkook only found time to complete and record the track. 
“Love this Jungcook,” Puth tweeted. He even retweeted the link to the track to show how impressed he was with Jungkook’s effort.  Ever since Jungkook teased that he was working on the cover, netizens have been busy speculating who will sing the part of Selena Gomez’s part on cover.  They were quite surprised that Jungkook sang both the parts of Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez on the track, reported Soompi . The song did not vary too much from the original arrangement but Jungkook’s vocals gave the song a different flavor, especially when he flowed flawlessly through the duet portions of the song.  BTS fans have been raving over the cover on the comments section of youtube upload. Many fans are impressed over Jungkook’s cool sound while others are tickled over the fact that so many people have already viewed the post when there was only a blank screen and Jungkook’s vocals to entertain them for the 3:37 minute duration of the song.  “Who else can make over a million people watch a black screen for 3:37 ??” youtube user IMxAxBUNNY posted. “BTS KINGS ONLY.”  The video has already received 1,354,832 views since it was uploaded on February 27 and is well on track to follow on the footsteps of other BTS videos that have taken youtube by storm this month alone.  If you’re impressed with Jungkook’s vocals, make sure to check out the newly released “Not Today” Choreography version now up on youtube to check out his and the rest of BTS boys as they perform slick moves choreographed by Justin Bieber’s choreographer Keone Madrid and their long-time choreographer and performance director Son Sung Deuk. For more on BTS, check out Kpopstarz for more updates.  

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