BTS Jungkook Captivates SNSD Yoona’s Attention

BTS Jungkook Captivates  SNSD Yoona’s Attention

BTS Jungkook Captivates  SNSD Yoona’s Attention

BTS’s Jungkook proves to be effortlessly handsome that even SNSD’s Yoona is captured by it. In a fan cam, she was spotted doing dreamily eyes on the maknae while he gives his final words during an award ceremony. Now, everyone can’t help but comment on the male idol group’s visuals. SNSD’s Yoona is known for her beauty not only in South Korea but also all over the world. Since her group’s debut, she was already noted for being simply classy in any look she wears. Now, the tides are changing as new young blood set foot in the entertainment industry! BTS Jungkook is surely now the other term of hotness for many.
According to Koreaboo , the fan video, which captured Yoona intently looking at Jungkook, got them both because the first was apparently an MC for the event. Clad in a stunningly beautiful red gown, the female idol herself is an epitome of glamor. While the rookie male is just in a usual guy outfit, his looks are definitely cutting-edge. For many, it is a wonder why SNSD’s member is very much fixated with Jungkook. It’s already taken that his really good-looking though many can’t help but think that there’s something else. She can’t even stop smiling when the idol looked and spoke at her. On the other hand, Soompi  reported on BTS’ previous interview on Singles Magazine where they shared their thoughts on each sex appeal.  Accordingly, it is already a trademark, wherein their charm and good looks are their draws with all other male idol groups. Big Hit Entertainment surely hit jackpot for discovering each. It is really evident now that even SM Entertainment queens like SNSD’s Yoona notice them. In all, it will be a feat if she and Jungkook would have more interactions in the future, then the fans can see how they will react with each other.  

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