BTS Heavily Scrutinized For Allegedly Copying T.O.P.’s Performance

BTS Heavily Scrutinized For Allegedly Copying T.O.P.'s Performance

BTS Heavily Scrutinized For Allegedly Copying T.O.P.'s Performance

BTS recently performed in the 6 th  Gaon Music Awards. Unfortunately, it was met with much controversy as people claims that the boy group had copied T.O.P.’s solo performance in one of the concerts of BIGBANG. The performance number of BTS was indeed no doubt one of the major highlights in the Music Awards. According to Korea Portal , people who saw the performance personally and in YouTube demands that BTS issue an apology as they had copied the original performance of T.O.P. of the BIGBANG.
Despite the popularity and current status of BTS as one of the most popular boy groups in Korea, they still need to go through the needle due to this serious issue. They might lose all of their fans just because of their single performance. During the alleged copied performance of BTS, the group sand “Save Me”. Surprisingly, it started with the no signal screen, similar to that of T.O.P.’s. This was indeed the very same concept that T.O.P. had used in many of his performances, thus it was regarded as his trademark performance style. According to Digital Music News , the hashtag #No_Signal_Please is now trending in Twitter. It can clearly be seen that people all over Korea and the world are already reacting against BTS. This would surely have an effect on the boy group’s reputation, which is why BTS should expect a decline in their popularity in the new few months to come. As of now, people are provoking YG to do something about the issue as BTS has just blatantly copied the original style and performance of T.O.P. The same sentiments can be seen across the web. With all of these being said, BTS needs to do a serious explaining about the issue. Hopefully, they would do an original performance next time. If they don’t, they’ll surely experience the fall in their career and the decline in their popularity.

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