BTS Got The First Win On ‘M!Countdown’ For ‘Spring Day’ Beating Other Idols!

BTS Got The First Win On 'M!Countdown' For 'Spring Day' Beating Other Idols!

BTS Got The First Win On 'M!Countdown' For 'Spring Day' Beating Other Idols!

BTS has been the hot topic throughout the nation. The boy group from Big Hit Entertainment has set another record for their new song MV “Not Today.” Having a comeback performance on “M!Countdown,” they won the first place for the song “Spring Day.” According to report from AllKpop , BTS took the first win against Red Velvet’s “Rookie.” There were many idols having comebacks on the episode aired on Feb. 23. Some of them were TWICE with “Knock Knock,” 100% with “Sketch U,” and VAV with “Dance with Me.”
Having comeback together with many other idols, BTS has shown its dominancy. Their hard work can be seen on stage and they deserve to take the winner position. BTS has expanded their popularity since the success of their MV “Blood, Sweat and Tears” and “Fire.” They even got recognition from international magazine for those MVs. On Feb. 20, BTS released their new song MV “Not Today” and according to Digitalmusicnews , it was the fastest-rising video in history. It was hitting more than 10 millions views only after 24 hours of its release. The views were head to head between BTS’s “Not Today” and TWICE’s “Knock Knock.” The song is in a fast beat and the choreography is legit. There are many backup dancers to enhance the choreography of the song. The MV was taken in an open nature mostly to give emphasize to the group. Opening the song is Rap Monster with his hustle voice. Meanwhile, Jungkook still becomes the center of the group. BTS is the big artists from Big Hit Entertainment. As the first boy group debuted from the agency, they have made many benefits for their agency. With the success that is coming to BTS for their new song “Not Today,” their next performance will be anticipated a lot by fans. Read Next: G-Dragon Was Spotted With Bella Hadid Partying Together For ‘Peaceminusone’

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