BTS Felt Their Popularity Abroad Plus Got Third Win For ‘Spring Day’

BTS Felt Their Popularity Abroad Plus Got Third Win For 'Spring Day'

BTS Felt Their Popularity Abroad Plus Got Third Win For 'Spring Day'

BTS is a hot topic nowadays as they have got big success for their album and got many awards so far. For their comeback, they have won 3 wins from “Show Champion,” “M!Countdown,” and the recent one, “Music Bank.” Being popular not only in Korea but also other countries, recently they talked about when they felt really popular internationally. According to Soompi , BTS appeared on Mnet’s “Shin Yang Nam Show,” which was aired on Feb. 23 and the members answered the question of when they felt really popular abroad. J-Hope answered it by telling when they were walking along famous shopping street in Korea and some Japanese fans could recognize them.
For Jin, he answered it when he was filming “The Law of Jungle.” On that episode which was shot in Indonesia, there were some fans rented a boat to follow him to the location of the shoot. He then realized that BTS was popular abroad. Meanwhile, on the show, Jungkook as the center of the group shared his pre-debut experience by doing audition for “Superstar K3.” He also shared why he chose Big Hit Entertainment over many other big offers. It turned out that the charisma of RapMon made him take decision to join his current company. Recently, BTS won the first place on “Music Bank” for their song “Spring Day.” The show was aired on Feb. 24 and it was the third win for BTS for the song “Spring Day.” BTS was head to head with Red Velvet for the win and BTS successfully took the spot, according to AllKpop . Some other artists who also performed on that episode were 100%, TWICE, Bigflo, Melody Day, SF9, CLC, April, and many more. BTS has felt their popularity internationally and their appearance abroad will be waited. For their consecutive wins for three times in music shows, fans are happy for them. Read Next: Girls Generation Is Reported To Have Their Comeback With New Album This July?

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