BTOB’s Debut Single ‘WOW’ Tops Japan’s Tower Records Chart

BTOB's Debut Single 'WOW' Tops Japan's Tower Records Chart
BTOB's Debut Single 'WOW' Tops Japan's Tower Records Chart

Boy group BTOB ‘s Japanese debut single, WOW , has topped the Tower Records chart in Japan.

According to Tower Records, BTOB’s first Japan single, WOW, which was released on November 12, ranked first for the most album sales for the week of November 10-16 and topped the Tower Records Cumulative Weekly Single Chart.

This showed that BTOB had surpassed many other popular Japan artists and took the number 1 spot.  Also, before their official debut in Japan, they had topped first through third place with their 3 different versions of their single on the Tower Records Online Reservations Chart as well and revealed their huge popularity in Japan.

One day before their single release on Novmeber 11, they topped the Tower Records Reservation Chart again and was called this generation’s ‘Hallyu Rookie’.

After their single officially released on November 12, they took number 6 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart on the day of its release.

One day later, they were still within the Top 10 chart.

6 days after its release on November 18, they continued to hold their spot at number 6 with their continuous popularity.

Their first Japan debut single, WOW, features a new jack swing genre that allows each of the members own personality and style shine  through rap and vocals.

This single allows them to reveal their own unique image and show their potential and talent 100% to their fans.

They also broke the typical idol stereotype and performed many different styles of music for their fans in Japan.

On the other hand, BTOB is currently holding their Japan debut showcase and fan event in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka and promoting their new single.

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