BtoB Released Extra Teaser Images for ‘Feel’eM’ Mini Album With Fantasy Concept

BtoB Released Extra Teaser Images for 'Feel'eM' Mini Album With Fantasy Concept

BtoB Released Extra Teaser Images for 'Feel'eM' Mini Album With Fantasy Concept

BtoB is about to release their comeback soon. Previously, they posted some teaser images and album cover for their upcoming mini album “Feel’em.” Recently, they gave extra teaser images for this comeback. As reported by AllKpop , BtoB dropped extra images for “Feel’em” mini album. The album will have five songs and the title track is “Movie,” which was composed by Ilhoon. The title track is a funky song. The trailer for the song was given in a short movie of each member’s love story.
The concept of this coming album is English gentlemen. It can be seen in the album cover and the choice of outfit for their teaser images. This tenth mini album of BtoB will be released on March 6. Fans cannot wait for their comeback as the teasers are really nice. According to Soompi , their new teaser images which were released on March 3 were really magical. It was like a fantasy. Each member was sitting on a chair with many flying objects around. For the group picture, some members were sitting on the chairs, some were standing and one member was sitting on the floor. The background was still green and they wore classic outfits. The choice of outfits makes the member really look like gentlemen. But as the theme is fantasy for these extra images, some members look cute in the picture. But some members can pull out a manly charisma through the picture. For this comeback, fans give different reaction about it. Some support them and hope they do well on stage. But some others are worried about them. Fans are worried that they will work too much. Cube Entertainment just lost 4 minutes and Beast. There is an issue that they are not in a good financial situation, thus it might happen that they will make BtoB to work out more. Fans hope the group can enjoy the work and keep their health. Read Next: Hong Jin Young Shared Her Very Busy Schedule With Only A Week To Rest In A Year

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