BTOB Release Music Video For ‘Way Back Home’ And 7th EP ‘I Mean’

BTOB Release Music Video For 'Way Back Home' And 7th EP 'I Mean'

BTOB Release Music Video For 'Way Back Home' And 7th EP 'I Mean'

BTOB’s seventh EP has finally released along with the music video for their title song, “Way Back Home” on October 12th.
The touching music video is eight minutes long and stars BTOB’s Ilhoon, Changsub, and Hyunsik. Ilhoon is a boxing champion, but his best friend, Changsub, has run away from home, dropped out of school, and steals and bullies people to make money. Eventually, Ilhoon joins in as well to make money.

Ilhoon’s boxing rival, Hyunsik, tells them that they could become gangsters and mug people to make money, but Ilhoon and Changsub decide not to do it. They end up getting mugged instead. In their neighborhood, a protest has broken out due to electricity and water being cut off and housing rights being violated. Gangsters are trying to control the crowd when Ilhoon spots his mother among the protesters. He starts fighting off the thugs to protect her but he eventually has to run away with Changsub once the police arrive.
The next scene shows the three sitting by a river, where they make up and become friends again. Changsub ends up going back to school and Ilhoon and Hyunsik continue boxing.
In addition, to the music video’s epic story, the album contains a total of six songs – “Last Day”, “Way Back Home”, “Heart Attack”, “Neverland”, “All Wolves Except Me”, and “I’ll Be Here.”
Check out the music video below!

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