Bruce Jenner’s Mother Slams The Kardashian Sisters For Having ‘No Morals,’ Says They’re Nothing But ‘Surgical Work’

In a tell-all interview with Mail Online, Bruce Jenner’s mother fearlessly accused Kris Jenner for raising the Kardashian sisters with no morals.

Esther Jenner claims that she does not get along with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

“Oh my God, the ways the girls display themselves …

and it’s all surgical work they’ve had done, what are they trying to prove?” she said.

She went on to lash at the family matriarch: “Kris hasn’t brought them up with any morals, you know, go out and go sleep with anybody…

that sort of thing, you wouldn’t tell your own children to do that.” Bruce Jenner’s mother, however, praised Khloe for having the “best personality”: “When Bruce and Kris got married I think Kourtney was maybe a freshman, Kim was probably junior high, Khloe was quite a bit younger and had the best personality, the other two weren’t even interested in having a conversation with me, they were in a world of their own.” The 88-year-old couldn’t be happier that her son finally divorced his “controlling monster” wife.

She said that she started to resent the momager soon after Bruce married her in April 1991.

Esther remembers visiting the family in Los Angeles and being repulsed with how Kris takes care of Kendall and Kylie.

Kris reportedly goes out with her girlfriends most of the time and leaves the two Jenner sisters to Bruce.

‘The only one I ever saw change the diapers was Bruce, I never saw Kris do it.

He’s the one that got them in the bath and in their pyjamas at night, he’s the one that took them back and forth to school when they were going to their private school, Kris didn’t,” she said.

She is grateful as well that it was her son Bruce who brought up Kendall and Kylie.

Esther Jenner previously appeared in a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode which she found “violating” as it was reportedy a set-up.

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