Brooklyn 99 Season 2 Spoilers, Preview Episode 7 [PHOTO]

“Brooklyn 99” is one of the several workplace comedies that has found that sweet spot and can deliver reliably funny episodes week after week.

Season 2 is heading into episode 7, here is everything to expect from the upcoming episodes.

One issue with the show is reconciling the comedy with the not so funny real life NYPD,  Bloomberg .com writes, “The show is getting  steady ratings  and is becoming a staple of Fox’s Sunday night lineup, which means it’s likely going to be around for a while.

So you wonder how long it’ll be able to stave off the ugliness of actual police work and of the culture it reflects.

Do we have a stomach for a sitcom with a season-long arc about accidental deadly force? Or chasing down a serial killer? Or hosing down protestors?  “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an extremely funny show.

But it’s not about cops.

Not yet.” released the following synopsis/ spoiler for episode 7, ” Because Boyle found a package with mysterious white powder on it, the precinct will have to be declared on a lockdown.

The premises will have to be secured with no one coming in nor out, until they can confirm that the package is harmless.

Jake will be left in charge of those who are in the precinct, and he’s pretty confident that he can keep everyone safe and in high spirits.

It is Thanksgiving after all.

But Amy has no confidence in Jake, and as expected, things will grow from bad to worse.

Meanwhile, Capt.

Holt is going to spend Thanksgiving at Sgt.

Terry’s house, and the sergeant will ask an unusual request from his boss.

The episode will have Jamal Duff as Zeke, Jonathan Craig Williams as Austin, Jeff Lewis as Lenny and Morgan Walsh as Tanya, as the guests” Entertainment Weekly’s  spoiler room  said, “Alas, Gina and Boyle have really called it quits in the wake of everyone learning the truth.

But they’ll have some loose ends to deal with when they realize a pre-booked hotel getaway is non-refundable.

Though they’ll each fight for the room, an entirely different duo ultimately ends up enjoying its perks – but I’d put good money on you never guessing who.” Check back for more information as it becomes available.


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