Britney Spears Sporting Businesswoman Image In Bobcat Haircut; Reveals New Album Has ‘Man-Hating’ Songs

Barely three days after promoting her lingerie collection in Poland, Britney Spears is sporting a new bob hair in the launch of her Intimate Collection at the Centro shopping mall in Oberhausen, Germany, on Thursday.

The new hairstyle came out in time when the pop princess reports to Mail Online that a new album said to contain ‘man-hating’ songs is coming out.

In an all-white business suit with a matching lace camisole, the 32-year old pop star turned businesswoman stood in the center of her models.

Her asymmetrical blonde hair highlighted her day makeup of pale rose lips and smoky eyes.

Comments expressing appreciation towards the Piece of Me songstress can be seen on Daily Mail.

“She is looking great again and good luck to her.”  “She may well be a little odd, but it is hard to deny how beautiful she is.” “Cannot deny that she looks fantastic, but I would love to see her take the high road and not write man-hating songs.

The hurt is still fresh, therefore she probably feels a compulsion to do it – I just don’t think it’s going to bring her any peace.

Show your strength and resolve by moving forward and not looking back!” In a previous interview, Britney talked about the inspiration of her upcoming album and who she wants to work with.

“I think that you take your experiences that you go through and definitely put it into your work.

So I’m going to have a lot of “I hate men” songs and a lot of “I love men” songs.

So it kind of goes both ways” the mother-of-two told the Daily Mail.

Further, she shared that she wants to work with one of the hottest female artists today like Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani saying ‘all of them are great’.

Meanwhile, reports on E! Online has associated Spears sudden change of hairstyle to her recent breakup with boyfriend David Lucado as she also did the same radical move way back in 2006 when she had a split with then-husband Kevin Federline.

It was remembered that it is in Late Show With David Letterman that she first appeared in her new short hair.


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