Brian Justin Crum answers issues on being gay on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Brian Justin Crum answers issues on being gay on 'America’s Got Talent'

Brian Justin Crum answers issues on being gay on 'America’s Got Talent'

Recently, Brian Justin Crum, who wowed judges on America’s Got Talent with his version of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” rolled out a Cher and Adele mash-up on YouTube. A heart touching story was told by Crum as a gay man of his being bullied as a kid and the support he had got from his mom before he sang the track. The story touched the judges too. Fans of Brian Justin Crum can be found everywhere, and he has captured their hearts and minds. No one can be blamed for this since he is a matinee idol with talent with the voice of an angel. In the music industry, he talks openly about helping raise visibility for LGBT people. 
Brian Justin Crum showed off his incredible range and haunting vocals during his Radiohead’s classic “Creep” on the episode of  America’s Got  Talent .  The performance earned the openly gay and Broadway singer a spot in the live shows after passing the night of cuts Spice Girl Mel B fell for a gay singer after he performed a Queen song with finesse. This girl was so impressed that she told him that they would be lovers in another lifetime. Mel B, 42 laughed and said that if she were not married, she would have been in love with him who is wed to film producer Stephen Belafonte, 41. Simon Cowell joked and pointed to Mel that  Brian  is a man of good mood and has huge talent. “I think tonight you found everybody to love you,” raved Howie Mandel. “You showed all those people who bullied you,” Heidi Klum told Brian, who was persecuted at school for being overweight and gay. Californian teenager Sofie Dossi, another strong performer, gave her high performance, with her dad having made the props for her contortion act. Heidi screamed as Sofie hit the bullseye on a target, after pulling the crossbow with her feet.  

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