[BREAKING] Tao’s Father Reportedly Says Son Agrees To Leave EXO As SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute

[BREAKING] Tao's Father Reportedly Says Son Agrees To Leave EXO As SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute
[BREAKING] Tao's Father Reportedly Says Son Agrees To Leave EXO As SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute

A third member will leave EXO, according to an interview given by the father of EXO member Tao.

Shortly after SM Entertainment issued a statement asking Tao’s side to enter into talks regarding a letter published by Tao’s father on Weibo, Chinese media revealed that Tao’s father said that his son would not continue on as a member of EXO.

Tao agreed to leave EXO due to his father’s concern for his sons health, said his father in an interview with Sina.

According to the Kukmin Ilbo , Tao’s father spoke to Sina in an exclusive interview on April 23.

“Tao eventually agreed to leave,” said his father.

“He will focus on recovering from his injuries, and everything else will be left up to him.” The same day, SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding a letter that Tao’s father had uploaded to Weibo, a Chinese social media site.

EXO will continue promoting as planned, SM Entertainment told Newsen .

“While in the midst of continuous discussions with Tao and his father about various activities in China, the company finds it unfortunate that those kinds of words were posted,” stated SM Entertainment.

“Despite it, the company will do its best to seek a developmental direction through conversation with Tao′s father.” The letter published by Tao’s father went into detail regarding his reasons for intervening in his son’s career, citing problems with SM Entertainment’s treatment of Tao’s health and business activities.

Tao was injured seriously during EXO promotional activities in February and was then injured further during an EXO concert stage accident in March.

In February, he was seen using a wheelchair while visiting his parents in China during the Lunar New Year.

  He was unable to appear throughout the entire promotional period of EXO’s latest song, “Call Me Baby.” In March, Tao admitted that the experience depressed him .

EXO debuted as a twelve member act under SM Entertainment in 2012, split into two subgroups to promote in the Korean and Chinese markets simultaneously.

Tao is the third member of subgroup EXO-M to allegedly leave EXO, following the contract nullification lawsuits of former EXO members Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan in 2014.

Fans of Tao were shocked by the news, but recognize Tao’s health is at risk.

“I kinda agree with taos dad, but if Tao wants to keep doing this then let him,” wrote KpopStarz reader Rahma .

“Also SM needs to take care of their artists better, they are humans and they break just dont put too much pressure on them.” “EXO-L [Exo’s fanclub] we have to think like the dad of Tao, just support the decision they will make, it’s not like Tao want to leave us, [I] hope he will get better & comeback,” wrote alz_amy .

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She currently works in the newsroom of one of New York City’s largest news stations.

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