Bradley Cooper Talks His New Acting Roles For ‘American Sniper’ And ‘The Elephant Man, Says Clint Eastwood Movie Is ‘Apolitical’ And Broadway Play Inspired Him To Become An Actor

Recently in Hollywood there’s a new trend of actors who used to be mostly type cast in blockbusters and or romantic comedies but then manage to turn their careers to more serious roles and land themselves Oscar nominations.

Whether or not this is on purpose or a reaction to a studio system that only trust actor choices after they prove their ability to draw crowds, it would appear that there’s still a such thing as a break-out role.

The latest actor to move from blockbuster to the award winning drama is actor Bradley Cooper, who once starred in “The Hangover” and has since landed himself two Oscar nominations for “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle.” While doing promotion for the film that might land him yet another trip to the Dolby theater in February, Cooper recently talked about “American Sniper” and his upcoming venture in Broadway theater in the play “The Elephant Man.” “American Sniper,” which is directed by Clint Eastwood follows the true life story of American soldier Chris Kyle.

Despite all the politics surrounding the Iraq war however, Bradley Cooper doesn’t believe the film is concerned with politics.

“It’s a pretty apolitical movie I think, and he was a pretty apolitical guy,” Cooper told Deadline .

“If you ever read an interview with Chris [Kyle] talking about whether he thinks we even should’ve been in Iraq, he’d tell you, ‘That’s above my pay rate.

What I did is kept it very simple.

I was hired, and I am in the service to protect Marines, and SEALs, and other soldiers.

That’s it, and that’s what I do.’ And that’s the way the movie treated him.” After Katherine Bigelow’s somewhat divisive “Zero Dark Thirty” sparked many discussions of politics in terms of torture, perhaps this is Cooper’s way of trying to keep focus on the human aspect of “American Sniper,” and ultimately Cooper’s performance as the marine the film is based on.

But this character is notably miles away from Cooper’s upcoming Broadway role in “The Elephant Man.” It is only after the actor reveals his long connection with the play that it makes sense as to why he’d take on the role.

“Oh, it was that movie, when I was a kid.

The Elephant Man.

John Hurt.

That was the crystalized moment, where I thought, Oh, I really need to do this for a living,” Cooper explained after admitting how crazy he felt performing the play on the same stage where it originated.

Overall, the recent interview between Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Gerard focuses on “American Sniper,” which hits theaters January 16th.

If you’re able to make it to NYC, “The Elephant Man” is currently playing at the Booth Theater until February.


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