Brad Pitt Affair With Mike Tyson’s Ex-Wife Caught! Iron Mike Relates Incident[VIDEO]; ‘Fury’ Star Treats Kids To Legoland

Brad Pitt takes his twins out for a casual day at Windsor Legoland.

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson narrates how Pitt got more than casual with his ex-wife.

Brad Pitt was recently seen in Windsor Legoland with his twins, Vivienne and Knox.

The five year-olds casually rode and enjoyed all the attractions with their superstar dad.

Brad was dressed down and wore aviator glasses.

The trip went smoothly.

The actor went about mostly unnoticed but most of the crowd took pictures and uploaded to social media without their knowledge.

It’s probably par for the course for Brad, and maybe even his kids.

Brad Pitt’s fiancée, Angelina Jolie, was in Australia filming her second movie as a director.

The project is titled “Unbroken.” Brad is currently in England filming the upcoming tank drama set in World War II, entitled ”Fury.” Not too many people were aware that Brad Pitt had a fling with Mike Tyson’s ex-wife, Robin Givens.

It became a hot issue late last year, and Tyson clarifies the “caught them in bed” story and narrates the real score in the video below.

Mike Tyson’s clarification in an interview with the Huffington Post: “They pulled up in her car, I knew it was her car because I paid for it.

She pulled over and I see this little grayish silhouette in the passenger seat.

So I’m thinking it’s one of her white girlfriends from that whack show the ‘Head of the Class.’ And as they get closer, I know it’s not a white girl from ‘Head of the Class,’ it’s some white guy that she’s probably giving head to.

Alright? So when they get closer …

they see me, but Brad must have been smoking a joint or he must have been drinking or something because he was real close to me in the car, and he had no idea, he didn’t see me.

But then when he got out of the car he saw me.”

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