Boy Group Members Who Might Enlist Next Year – Sunggyu, Taecyeon, Dujun, G-Dragon and Taeyang

Boy Group Members Who Might Enlist Next Year – Sunggyu

Boy Group Members Who Might Enlist Next Year – Sunggyu, Taecyeon, Dujun, G-Dragon and Taeyang

It is an inevitable thing for male Korean idols to do their mandatory military enlistment. All idols, whether famous or not have to go through it. Here is the list of male idol members who might enlist next year: Infinite’s Sunggyu – Sunggyu has been saying for a while now that he will be enlisting sometime next year. Though there is still no announcement from Woollim Entertainment, Sunggyu has hinted on “Girl Spirit” that he will enlist soon. According to SBS , Sunggyu haslaready passed leadership duties to Woo Hyun. Infinite fans definitely do not want Sunggyu to go but he has to. Maybe Woollim will release a solo sing le for Sunggyu or another Infinite album before his military service.
2PM’s Taecyeon – all the members of 2PM are still not going through military enlistments. Taecyeon is an 88′ liner and is one of the eldest in the group so he might go and serve his duty to his country in the following year. Also, 2PM members will definitely serve active duty as they are all healthy males. Beast’s Dujun – Since Dujun is the oldest in Beast, Dujun might go first. Though Beast just went through company change and made own Around US agency, after another comeback, Dujun might do his military service. Dujun is not really mentioning his mandatory service but it is obvious that he will do it next year. Whether he is active or not, his fans will definitely miss him. Big bang’s G Dragon and Taeyang – after the confirmation of TOP’s military enlistment next year, these two might follow soon. Since these two are both 88′ liners, they might enlist next year or in 2018. Though next year is still far, we all know time flies so fans have to show their love to these two before enlisting. Other honourable mentions are 2PM’s Junsu, former 2AM member Seul Ong and Seo In Guk. There are still more male idols that haven’t gone through their mandatory service. So watch out for your oppa.

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