‘Bourne Movie 5’ Will Have Seperate Films For Jeremy Renner And Matt Damon? Series Will Not Feature A Team Up Between Aaron Cross And Jason Bourne

After years of waiting Matt Damon is finally returning in Bourne Movie 5 according to Deadline .

While there’s no official statement from Universal Pictures it has been reported that the studio is trying to close a deal with Damon and previous franchise director Paul Greengrass.

However, fans who are hoping to see Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross in a movie together may be disappointed to know that the planned project is completely different and independent from the one Jeremy Renner is about to film, which is scheduled for release on July 16, 2016.

Basically, Universal Pictures is trying to build a completely different franchise than that of Renner’s character, they are reportedly trying to continue with Bourne’s journey that doesn’t include Aaron Cross in it.

Word has it that Bourne Movie 5 will be about Matt Damon’s character one that is supposed to have an earlier release date than Renner’s sequel.

During his interview at Comic-Con for the film “Elysium” last year Damon suggested that he wants to do another “Bourne” movie saying, “Look, I’ve been interested in doing another one for five years.

We just can’t figure out the script.

I’m up for it, but again it’s all about the script, It’s got to be a good one.” “I really want to do another one and I think Paul Greengrass does too,” he claims, “But I think it’s the same question we’ve had after each one.

If we really feel we can do it and that it will deserve to live with the other three that we did.

If we can make one where we go into it feeling it can be even better than those, and it ends up being in that same ballpark, then we should do it.

But If we can’t, then we really should leave it alone.” What do you think of the new Bourne movie 5 cast news Kpopstarz readers? Are you excited to hear that Matt Damon is about to do another sequel for the franchise? Sound off in the comments section below.

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