Boondocks Season 5 Confirmed? The Human Torch Saves The Freeman Family From Eviction with the Highest Rated Boondocks Episode on Adult Swim

Boondocks Season 5 has been confirmed by Adult Swim.

The cable network had previously said that Boondock would be ending after season 4, but Boondocks season 4 episode 1 was the series highest rated episode.

According to reports, the Boondocks cast took to Facebook and Twitter to hint that more seasons of The Boondocks will come.

The success of Boondocks season 4 happened in spite of the departure of Aaron McGruder.

Many fans thought the series would lose its magic, but the producers pulled in the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four reboot, Michael B.

Jordan, and Boondocks burned up the highest ratings.

The Boondocks had just come back after a four-year hiatus, so future ratings predictions may be premature.

A lot of shows get higher ratings than normal after a long break, so Adult Swim might continue checking the numbers.

Michael B.

Jordan, who plays Pretty Boy Flizzy, told The Huffington Post “That was sooo much fun, man.

I saw it last night.

I did it such a long time ago.

I shot it maybe a year and a half ago.

And for it to finally come out, it was so, so funny.

I was dying …

But it was a fun experience.” “You know sometimes when you can’t say the sh*t you really want to say, but through a character like that you could just speak how we would talk to one another, but do it through a cartoon.

It was fun,” he continued.

Jordan also talked about the departure of Aaron McGruder, saying “Man, Aaron is actually a buddy of mine.

And honestly I forgot.

He had to tell me, not that long ago, that he got fired from it.

And I was like, ‘What, really?!?’ It kind of caught me off guard, I totally forgot.

Because when you think ‘Boondocks’ you think ‘Aaron McGruder,’ period …

It was a little bittersweet, because when I actually signed on to it I was like, ‘Yeah, of course.

Aaron’s my boy.

Of course I will.’ And then it was like, ‘Whoa, wait, wait…

really?!’ I still did it, because you kind of have to.

You gotta pay homage to ‘Boondocks.’    

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