Boom Beach Tips, How To Get A High Score, Detailed Instructions Inside

The Boom Beach game has been earning a good feedback from the players, making it a rival to Clash of Clans.

Just like the Clash and Clans, that players of Boom Beach sometimes find it hard to succeed in the game.

In the report of Ordoh, they shared Boom Beach tips that you should consider to get a high score.

The first tip you should learn in the Boom Beach game is checking the weaknesses and strengths of your troops.

With this you can be able to identify if your team can be able to defeat your enemies, an example is “the great tanks-Heavies, they are capable of taking a lot of damage and have low Damage per Second.” Another Boom Beach tip is when you want to have a free gems, you need to complete the goals to have an achievement, which sometimes will give you 300 gems if you acquire 200 points.

Furthermore, save your resources for future needs, build a vault where you can store all your resources.

It is much better if it’s fully protected, so better upgrade it before your enemies attack you.

 Moreover, other Boom Beach tips you should remember is that before going to enemy’s camp, it is suggested to do spy first the camp.

If you spy first before attacking, you can plan well what strategies to defeat your enemy.

Lastly, if you are now attacking the camp of your enemy, it is suggested to destroy the main building which is the headquarters.

Now get ready and have fun playing!    

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