‘Bones’ Season 10 Episode 9 Spoilers: Professor’s Death Stems From Questionable Research Methods? Booth’s Unavailability Pushes Brennan To Step In With Aubrey

A death of the professor will be investigated by the team, which will look into his questionable research methods.

“Bones” season 10 episode 9 spoilers revealed that Brennan will team up with Aubrey since Booth won’t be available.

But the team will have their hands full because there’s not much to go on based on the evidence.

Promo clip shows that Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian team combing trash cans for pieces of evidence that will provide them a good lead to conclude their investigation.

One character even commented like the whole chore was like “looking for a prize at the bottom of a cereal box.” The synopsis  teases “Bones” season 10, episode 9 spoilers as it reads: “When the Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a college psychology professor, the victim’s controversial social experiments on his grad students garners a list of highly motivated suspects.

Meanwhile, Booth is sidelined with online traffic school, causing Brennan to team up with Aubrey, and Wendell struggles with his feelings towards a chemotherapy treatment nurse.” The guest cast for this episode include: Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray; Shalita Grant as Andie Roberts; Shanna Collins as Tabitha Coleman; Chastity Lynn Dotson as Victoria Andrews; Reva Rose as Barbara Huntley; David L.

King as Professor Randall Fairbanks; Miriam Flynn as Fancie Von Mertens; Mary Gillis as Ruth Wernick; Grant Harvey as Alex Heck; Braden Fitzgerald as Henry; Dallas James Liu as Riley.

“The one other important thing to remember before watching this episode is that David Boreanaz is set to direct,” said Cartermatt .

“If that does not make you a little bit more excited, we have a hard time knowing what will.” Watch out for more “Bones” season 10, episode 9 spoilers which will be published as they come along ahead of the airing date on Thursday, December 4 at 8 p.m.

on FOX.

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