Bombay Bicycle Club Tour 2014 About To Be Done; See Why The Band Won’t Do Anymore Stadium Gigs For The Next Few Years

Bombay Bicycle Club Tour 2014: The English indie rock band may be ‘put off’ in one of their recent gigs in Poland, but there is no stopping them in playing big stadium shows such as the orange Warsaw Festival 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.

Every performer gets a bad gig and this might be one of the worst for Bombay Bicycle Club.

“We were doing a festival in a stadium, which was quite strange.

It put me off playing stadiums so it might be the only stadium we ever do,” guitarist Jamie MacColl told Digital Spy.

The sound seemed to resonate in a weird way for the band, which they believed, made the set “messy” for them.

Band bassist Ed Nash explains to Digital Spy how the catastrophe happened.

“They’re so big and reverberant that you play a note and then you hear it a good five seconds later coming back at you so it sounds like a complete mess, unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.” The band is now traumatized of the experience and is now thinking closely if they would do more stadium shows.

“We’d like to do it [a stadium tour], but I don’t think anyone would be there.

It would be very empty,” Nash said.

While MacColl added, “I mean, maybe we could do, like, Grimsby Town stadium or one of the lower league teams…

I think that still counts.

The smallest stadium tour in the world.

I’d be up for that.” The band is set for more shows and is currently doing a world tour where they are touring Europe, Asia and North America until October.

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