Bobby Flay, Stephanie March Divorce: Chef’s Arguments Hit Low Blow?

Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s divorce battle just went on an all-time low.

According to TMZ , the celebrity chef has pulled no punches in the divorce drama against his former wife as he told the judge that her medical troubles were of her own doing.

“We’re told as part of her argument to invalidate their prenup, Stephanie March says she’s been plagued by well-publicized medical problems, including a burst appendix and 3 deep infections,” it said.

“As a result, she says she’s unable to work as an actress and the prenup would create an undo financial hardship.” But Bobby Flay is not buying it, as he alleged that “the infections were the result of breast enhancement surgery.” Stephanie March, meanwhile, is not taking the allegations lightly as she hit back with the accusation of her own, that the chef’s cheating ways “have compromised her health and mental state.” Bobby Flay filed for divorce from Stephanie March three weeks after they split.

According to multiple reports, the proceedings have not been smooth so far as the two parties have accused one another of harassment and lies.

Bobby Flay has moved out of the apartment he used to share with Stephanie March in Chelsea after the divorce filing.

The actress is still living in the house while she cares for her ailing mother.

“Bobby is heartbroken over the end of his marriage.

He will always have a place in his heart for Stephanie,” a source told People .

Earlier TMZ  report claimed that Stephanie March was mad that Bobby Flay cancelled her credit card that she supposedly used for groceries.

“Her lawyer fired off a letter to Bobby’s attorney, expressing outrage because the chef sent Stephanie a measly $5,000 check for monthly support.

TMZ broke the story, they signed a prenup in 2005 which established support at $5k a month,” the article said.

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