Blink 182 New Album Delayed? Tour To Begin 2015? Fans React Regarding Band’s New Record Saying ‘It Takes Time To Create Perfection’

Blink 182 Tour 2014:  The punk band’s new album is confirmed as the band is reportedly inside their studio working on the new record before heading back on the road.

After months and months of waiting fans receive a confirmation after singer Tom DeLonge posted a teenage photo of the three band members alongside the caption: “Rehearsals start today…

And yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink”.

Fans, meanwhile, couldn’t wait for the new Blink 182 album after waiting for over a year for another release that had a number of delays because of the members’ different projects and separate bands.

The Blink 182 New Album 2014 Official Facebook  said that fans couldn’t wait much longer, saying: “It’s very painful to digest that we will not have new blink-182 music for at least a year.

f**king sucks, but greatness takes time” on a post.

Followers of the page and fans of the band, however, claimed that they wouldn’t mind another possible delay as long as they know that it would be worth it.

One fan left a comment saying: “It Takes Time To Create Perfection.” Tom Delonge, meanwhile, who also plays for his band Angels and Airwaves are currently on tour until August band the vocalist has his full attention on his punk rock band.

Angels & Airwaves took a different turn after Blink reunited recently Atom Willard, who previously played drums for A&A admitted that the band got affected when Blink came back together.

“With Angels and Airwaves, I thought it was the best thing.

We had the greatest time and all got along, but circumstances changed when Tom [Delonge] started back up with Blink [182] again and the whole thing took a different turn.

So it’s all of those things that have motivated me to move on.

I’m just an idealist, I guess.” A&A are still on tour playing a few shows together with Blink 182 and is scheduled to end their shows on September in Italy.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Blink 182 teased fans of what looked like to be new tracks as bassist Mark Hoppus has recently posted a picture in his Twitter account of recorded tracks with the caption ‘Them blink-182 demos’.

The band is currently inside their studio expected to work with their new album and is expected to tour again once the new album is done.

The band targets the new record to be done by the end of the year and hopefully release it early 2015.

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