‘Bleach’ Chapter 624 Spoilers: Sternritters Vs. Quincies; Spotlight Back On Ichigo?

'Bleach' Chapter 624 Spoilers: Sternritters Vs. Quincies; Spotlight Back On Ichigo?
'Bleach' Chapter 624 Spoilers: Sternritters Vs. Quincies; Spotlight Back On Ichigo?

The new “Bleach” chapter is coming soon and “Bleach” chapter 624 spoilers are just around the corner.

For fans that can’t wait for the next chapter, here are some predictions from kaleo.org .

“With the Sternritters joining sides with the Shinigami, it could create some interesting showdowns with the Quincies fighting against their own kin.

The next chapter of ‘Bleach’ will hopefully switch to Ichigo and his company and we’ll finally get to see how they’ll manage to survive the plummet from the Soul King’s Palace.

Also, with all these additions to the ongoing clash against Yhwach, it makes me eager to know where Grimmjow and Nel is,” the source wrote.

“We can speculate that the one who saved Ichigo’s friends back at Hueco Mundo was indeed Grimmjow given the very brief hints that were scattered throughout the arc.

But we have yet to see him making an actual appearance in this arc and directly helping Ichigo in his fight.

Hopefully he and Nel will get their spotlight very soon in these coming chapters to help their friends,” the source added.

Last chapter kicks off with Aizen showing off his immense powers.

He tries to break off the chain that binds him and his powers.

But captain Kyouraku says it is futile.

He told Aizen, “that very power to restrain is insurmountably strong.

It is the Zenith of Soul Society’s technological skill and it would be unwise to underestimate it.” Then, he calls on captain Kurotsuchi to explain further.

He said that the criminals in Muken are undying which led him to the analysis that extinguishing Reiatsu is hard and instead, the Reiatsu is just restrained to the body.

He taunted Aizen that if he thinks for a second he can escape his technology, he is sadly mistaken.

Aizen challenged Kurotsuchi which is greater, his power or the captain’s technology.

When Aizen was about to try, Sternritter U interrupted and attacked Aizen.

The enemies rise up including the zombie girl.

Kyouraku asked if they can form an alliance with Sternritter and the others.

However, Sternritter ridiculed his suggestion but was shot down by his ally, Bazz-B.

The Quincy says he wants to help them.

He believes that if the enemies succeed, they will be in the same situations as the Shinigamis.

They will also help them forge the gate to the Royal Palace.

And in return, they need to take them along to the Royal Palace as well.

Their motive: Destroy Yhwach, the man who has forsaken them.

The chapter will be out by Thursday, April 16.

The official “Bleach” chapter 624 spoilers and raw photos will most likely be released on Mangaspoiler and other manga sites like Mangabird within four to five hours before the official English translated chapter.

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